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Oct 21, 2021

tmsh Command to List Virtual Servers Settings

I want to use a tmsh command to list specific virtual server settings. The command needs to list the persistent, profiles, and rules associated with each virtual server. I am using the command below, but the complete persist and profiles sections do not displayed. Below is the output from my command and what is missing. Is there anyway to get the whole persist and profiles sections to display?


Command I am using:

tmsh list ltm virtual @epic all-properties | grep 'ltm virtual\|persist\|profiles\|rules'


Output from above Command:

ltm virtual vs_epic_test_app {

  fallback-persistence none

  persist {

  profiles {

  related-rules none

  rules none

  security-log-profiles none


Missing Info:

ltm virtual vs_epic_test_app {

  address-status yes

  app-service none

  auth none

  auto-lasthop default

  bwc-policy none

  clone-pools none

  cmp-enabled yes

  connection-limit 0

  creation-time 2021-04-02:09:22:06

  description none



  fallback-persistence none

  flow-eviction-policy none

  gtm-score 0

  ip-protocol tcp

  last-hop-pool none

  last-modified-time 2021-04-16:12:09:22


  metadata none

  mirror disabled

  mobile-app-tunnel disabled

  nat64 disabled

  partition Common

  per-flow-request-access-policy none

  persist {

    epic {

      default yes



  policies none

  pool pool_epic_test00_app

  profiles {

    epic_web_access_clientssl {

      context clientside


    tcp-wan-optimized {

      context all



  rate-class none

  rate-limit disabled

  rate-limit-dst-mask 0

  rate-limit-mode object

  rate-limit-src-mask 0

  related-rules none

  rules none

  security-log-profiles none

  service-down-immediate-action none

  service-policy none


  source-address-translation {

    pool none

    type none


  source-port preserve

  syn-cookie-status not-activated

  traffic-classes none

  traffic-matching-criteria none

  translate-address enabled

  translate-port enabled

  transparent-nexthop none

  urldb-feed-policy none

  vlans none


  vs-index 9


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  • Hi kend,

    tmsh list ltm virtual <vsname> profiles rules persist fallback-persistence

    without curly brackets:

    tmsh list ltm virtual <vsname> profiles rules persist fallback-persistence | grep -v "}" | sed 's/ {//'