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Jul 12, 2011

The BIG-IP ntpd process is unable to communicate with the NTP server




Following a power down our GTM is reporting the following errors.



Time difference between GTM and me is 66 seconds -- Make sure NTP is running and GTM times are in sync.



It seems the solution is to restart the ntpd process. Could restarting this process cause any problems or loss of service?






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  • I don't think restarting NTP should have any impact on GTM. You can check ntp using these links:






    SOL10240: Verifying Network Time Protocol peer server communications




    Searching for ntpq also returns this related solution:



    SOL7017: The BIG-IP ntpd daemon is unable to communicate with the NTP server




    If you get stuck on this, you might try searching online for related docs or opening a case with F5 Support.




  • It could be this as well ....



    sol9356: The eventlib timer causes time differences between BIG-IP GTM sync group members





    Thanks for the help. Restarting the ntpd process on both GTMs fixed the issue.