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Mar 18, 2011

Stream::expression & case insenitivity

I am trying to create a bit of a badword list and as a test intend to use this iRule. It works fine but I'm struggling to add case insensitivity to the mix. I've tried wrapping [string tolower] round it with no success and have read I may need to use a regex but wonder if there is a better way.




Any suggestions much appreciated.










HTTP::header remove server




foreach header {Server Date X-Powered-By} {


while { [HTTP::header exists $header] } {


log local0. "Removing- $header: [HTTP::header value $header]"


HTTP::header remove $header







Disable the stream filter by default






Check if response type is text


if {[HTTP::header value Content-Type] contains "text"}{




Replace content in STREAM expression




STREAM::expression "@badword@*****@ @badword2@*****@ @badword3@*****@" ]


Enable the stream filter for this response only









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  • Hi Darren,



    Unfortunately, the stream filter is case sensitive and doesn't accept the (?i) notation to set the expression as case insensitive. As a workaround, you can use character classes to match both cases:



    STREAM::expression "@[bB][aA][dD][wW][oO][rR][dD]@*****@"



    I think it would be useful for there to be a "case sensitive" checkbox on the stream profile (or via an iRule flag). If you agree, could you open a case with F5 Support and ask for an enhancement? If you end up doing this, could you reply with the RFE ID so others can reference it?



    Thanks, Aaron
  • Thanks Aaron, that works nicely. I've raised an RFE request with F5, if I get an RFE ID. I'll post it.
  • The RFE ID is C850367. Also for info, I had to make a slight amendment to the statement.



    STREAM::expression {[^A-Za-z][bB][aA][dD][wW][oO][rR][dD]1[^A-Za-z]@ ***** @ @[^A-Za-z][bB][aA][dD][wW][oO][rR][dD]2[^A-Za-z]@ ***** @"}



    I had to add the curly braces and have added [^A-Za-z] at the beginning and end to make sure it's just whole words I'm filtering. I hope that is of use.
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      Any luck with the RFE? im also struggling at the moment with upper/lower case in the streams