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Dec 18, 2010

SSL:Profile: One VIP two Profiles



I have one question.


I have one Virtual Server with one IP and one Port.


For example: VIP



Now I have two http:host IP and



Now I have two ssl Profiles


One Profile ssl_abc and ssl_def.



Is therea waytoregulatethe appropriateprofileforeach URI-callbyiRule?


thanks four your help.



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  • The challenge is that you'd need the decryption to happen before you could even look at the URI so it'd be too late to select a different profile. Unless anyone else can think of something here?
  • In my meaning it didn't work, because I have different certificates.


    For each URI I have a own certificate and the loadbalancer decript the SSL.



    Okay so I have to use two different IP's to decrypt the SSL Traffic correctly.




    Thanks for a short answer.


  • Christian - I'm assuming you'll need two different Virtual Servers (2 different IPs) so you can handle this properly. At least I can't think of anything else.