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May 17, 2017

SSL Orchestrator and SWG combined



I wonder if it is at all possible to setup both SWG and SSL Orchestrator as combined solution using one BIG-IP (or two BIG-IP) setup?


Idea is to be able to use SWG features for user authentication, URL filtering etc. and SSL Orchestrator for Service chaining to provide added security for users accessing Internet.


From what I tested deploying SSL Orchestrator (module on BIG-IP VE, not Herculon appliance) in Explicit proxy SSL Orchestrator is deployed as kind of iApp (but not visible via iApps -> Application Service) with Strict Updates enabled - so no way to modify VS created by wizard.


Additionally it seems that there is no way to disable Strict Updates for SSL Orchestrator so impossible to add APM policies to VS set as Explicit proxy.


So not possible to combine those functionalities? Or maybe kind of proxy chaining from SWG Explicit proxy to SSL Orchestrator Explicit proxy VS? Or iRule on SWG Explicit Proxy VS with VIP targeting VIP?


I am curious (if combining is possible) what are real life best practices and experiences how this setup works.




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