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Jun 17, 2011

SSL offload using TMSH

Hi ,


Below is the config i have scripted , not sure this is correct , please help me i am new to tmsh




create ltm virtual internal-443 Pool internal-443 destination mask snat automap ip-protocol tcp persist replace-all-with { ssl } profiles { { http } internal { context clientside } }



Thanks in advance


2 Replies

  • Does it work? Can you post the resulting virtual server using 'list /ltm virtual internal-443'?



  • For anyone who looks to this thread for an answer:



    To set up SSL offload via TMSH, you set the SSL profiles (both client and server side) using the 'profiles' option.





    create ltm virtual VSName destination pool PoolName profiles add {clientsslprofile {context clientside} serversslprofile {context serverside}}