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Nov 10, 2010

smtp and snat automap

I have a node that needs to rely mail off an smtp server VS that is on the same submet. with snat automap it works and going direct to the nodes for the VS it work but with out snat autoamp it does not and since this vs is an smtp relay i can not use snap automap. Is there a way to only allow snat for one ip using and irule or some way to make this work with an irule


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  • Hi John,

    You can enable SNAT for a single IP using a SNAT with the Origin set to the one client IP and a Translation of automap (or an explicit SNAT pool if you don't want to use a floating self IP). You could also use an iRule like this:

    when LB_SELECTED {  
       if {[IP::addr "[IP::client_addr]/24" equals "[LB::server addr]/24"]} {  
          snat automap