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Nov 08, 2023

Slow time to load policy asm

Hello team,

recently I have migrated form ver 13 to 16, by using ucs file, all information about F5.

At the moment, when I try to open an Asm policy, the system takes a lof of time to open it, you need to know that it passed 1 hours since then i have been clicked on the policy but, no information has been appeared yet.

I have found, by using cli, on the logs but, no information has been written.

I hope that someone could help me to fix the problem.

Many thanks in advanced .


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  • Hi,

    There is a bug article related to this. The bug seems to be fixed with v16.1.2.2, can you test the workaround?

    cp /var/ts/dms/script/dist/angular/TsuiAngularPoliciesScripts.min.js /shared/TsuiAngularPoliciesScripts.min.js.bk
    chmod 644 /var/ts/dms/script/dist/angular/TsuiAngularPoliciesScripts.min.js
    sed -i -e 's/"POLICY_TEMPLATE_GRAPHQL/p.policy.template\&\&"POLICY_TEMPLATE_GRAPHQL/' /var/ts/dms/script/dist/angular/TsuiAngularPoliciesScripts.min.js
    chmod 444 /var/ts/dms/script/dist/angular/TsuiAngularPoliciesScripts.min.js
    bigstart restart httpd


  • Hi,

    many thanks for your reply.

    You need to known that the devices are in production so that, before doing everything, I need top be sure that the problem willbe fixed.

    Did you do it ?



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      I did'nt encountered this issue before. When I ran the commands on the lab enviorement, no interruption occurred.

      I recommend that you do it on a standby device, after creating a backup. You should open a case to F5 support for exact solution.

  • Hi, many thanls for your reply.

    I will do it and I will let you know.

    Many thankls again.



  • Hello team,

    as I mention in the lasty mail that I have sent, doing a deep inspection I have verified that the problem is referred to an excessive use of cpu, in a short the values are beetwen 95%-98%. The version that I'm using is 15.1.5. I have identified this problem by using F5 V.E. and phisical device ( bigip i2600 ). F5 portal suggest to improve the version but, If i have being honest, I have the some problem by using 16.xx and 17.xx version. At the moment the problem is verified on the device that has not processed traffic, the module installed are:

    ltm and asm.

    Someone could help me to fix it ?

    Many yhanls in advances.