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Sep 20, 2011

Shaepoint 2010 and v10.x

I have a client rolling out Sharepoint 2010. We are looking at code levels and I see that both v9 and v10 use the Sharepoint 2007 templates according to solution PDFs. Is this true? Also, is there any licenses needed to make Sharepoint 2010 work?



I'm sighting the deployment guide v1.3


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  • Hello,



    As you can see in that document (page 5) :



    Version 10.0 though 10.2 of the BIG-IP System contain an Application Template that is labeled for use with SharePoint 2007. However, this template may be used without modification for SharePoint 2010. A future release of BIG-IP will update the version labeling.



    As i can see in template on my gears, in V10.2.0 HF2 only Sharepoint 2007 template , in 10.2.2 template for Sharepoint 2007-2010.



    Hope that help you.






    Sorry for my bad english