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Nov 10, 2011

Setting up Virtual Server on VE



I have VE running as a vm, I can access the management IP.


When I try to set a virtual server, I assign it an IP my network manager gave me - but I still can't get to it.


Do I need to have network management (they also run the vm host) do anything specific (like change vm network settings)?


It's a weird situation in which I'm an F5 NooB, don't have control of my network, and still am expected to make this thing live...





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  • Yes you're going to have to make them do some work.


    It sounds like your management network is correctly mapped, on the VE as well on the vSwitch level in VMware. You will need to get them to check what vSwitches / VLANs are assigned to the traffic interfaces on the VE - it sounds like that is what is not correct right now.


    You should end up with either Inside and External interfaces on your VE mapped to different VLANs within VMware, or at least one traffic interface which is able to both access the servers and be accessed by clients - and then SNAT could be used to enable traffic to flow both ways via the VE.
  • Thanks for your response.


    They have fixed *something* and now I can access my VS IP.


    However, seems like nothing is being sent to the pool members.


    I can get to the pool member from F5 management console, but even when capturing on F5 (tcpdump -i any) I don't see anything going to the pool members.


    I do have only one VLAN used, and access to the VS works / doesn't work based on which interface (out of the two I have) is assigned to it, so that might suggest it's a configuration issue on my side...



    Being an F5 noob and no control over the vm host and other networking equipment makes this like debugging in the dark...
  • Ranshe,



    It is very possible that the networking and ESX host administrators are going to have to do some more work....Again for the Internal pool member network you will have to have them verify that the mapping from the physical network, through the virtual network and into the F5 network is correctly mapped.



    Once that is done you will need to make sure that the VE is correctly configured on the interface that your network team has plumbed to the VE. the VLAN tags if any will have to be defined and connected to the interface as tagged or untagged as appropriate.



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