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Feb 08, 2011


I am trying to set_session_enabled_state to STATE_DISABLED for two or more nodes at a time in one call. I am seeing that only the first node gets disabled. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!



Edit: Looks like the xml was stripped. I put the request on my dropbox:


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  • Here's the xml wrapped in [ code ] [/ code ] tags:






  • What toolkit are you using? Hopefully you aren't hand rolling the XML on your own...

    The LocalLB.NodeAddress's set_enabled_state method takes two parameters: node_addresses, and states. Both of which are arrays. In your trace, only the node_addresses has a single entry. Also, I don't see the correct encoding format for the arrays. They are missing the "item" entries. Here's a trace from perl's SOAP::Lite showing enabling the state for two nodes