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Jul 19, 2006

set_monitor_state error





Does anyone know what the following error means?



Error:Fatal exception thrown while posting is/oos request to BigIP device: Exception caught in LocalLB::PoolMember::set_monitor_state() Exception: Common::OperationFailed primary_error_code : 16908355 (0x01020043) secondary_error_code : 0 error_string : 01020043:3:




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    Here is more a more detailed error. Anyone know what this means? What database is this refering to?



    Message"Exception caught in LocalLB::PoolMember::set_monitor_state()\nException: Common::OperationFailed\n\tprimary_error_code : 16908355 (0x01020043)\n\tsecondary_error_code : 0\n\terror_string : 01020043:3: An unexpected error occurred while accessing the database."string



  • I just talked to one of our dev's had he said this is usually is associated with an error condition in the internal configuration database and that this error is associated with older software versions (<9.2). If upgrading isn't an option, I'd suggest you open a support case as this is beyond the scope of the use of the interfaces, but will get into more detailed analysis of your product configuration and some BIG-IP debug work.