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Feb 06, 2012

set_device_name ?

Hi All



Am looking for a spot of advice.



I'm automating some provisioning of BIG-IP's and all is going well, except I am unable to find a method for setting the "device name" eg as it would appear in "Device Management", "Devices", "Device List" - "Name". The FQDN I can set fine, but the "name" currently defaults to "bigip1". I'm guessing this is somehow tied to a locally generated certificate that is setup via the gui "setup" (something I am trying to avoid).



Via the gui you can change the name, but I cant find a corresponding icontrol instance.



Any suggestions?









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  • I believe figured it out. You need to modify the variable "hostname" using Management::DBVariable::modify and then perform Management::Trust::reset_all with your new hostname. This then resets trust (so only do it during provisioning!) and regenerates the cert with the fqdn.