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Nov 01, 2011

Session Persistence

Hi Experts,


I would like to configure a persistence for user requests coming to our virtual Server which maps 3 Nodes (in the pool).


We use the rmpp protocol to send our requests.


So we want a persistence that will track the session ID that is generated by the Server (node) when the user has established a session. Should in case a user has lost his session with t he Server (node) within a period of time, he should redirect back to its initial session (with that same Server (node)) and continue his transaction.


Please your assistance towards this issue would be very much appreciated. It's very Urgent!!!






2 Replies

  • Hmmm, I'm not to familiar with the RMPP (Reliable Message Passing Protocol? ) But it seems that there must be something that Universal persistance can do.



    Options that I can think of:


    1. If the source addresses are unique, simply use source address persistance (rarely this easy, but I have to hope)


    2. If RMPP is tcp based, could do a tcpcollect and generate a UIE off the session data in the collection :











  • Thanks for your quick response, but i would like you to explain how i can do the tcpcollect and generate a UIE off the session data in the collection.


    Im a novice to these stuff too.