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Feb 20, 2013

Serial Cable Failover VS Network Failover

Hi Experts


1- What is the main difference between serial cable failover and network failover?


2- Can we use both serial cable failover and network failover at a time?


3- If the distance between boxes are very far, lets say one box in one DC and other box is another DC. How we can do the failover?





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    Hi Kashif



    1. serial cable failover is just checking a voltage heartbeat between the two systems. in network failover the hearbeat is a network packet, and depending on what version of bigip you've got the packet is different e.g. udp 1026


    2. If you use both then effectively network failover is redundant and won't be used as it would need the serial failover to also fail.


    3. there is a distance issue, serial failover can only be used to around 50ft (i think) so in your case then you could only use network failover.



    Hope this helps,


  • Hi Nathan



    Thanks for the reply. Just one more think, the network failover could be connected between both F5 over the L2 network OR it should be directly back to back?



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    You can do both. If directly connected then see to see if you need a crossover cable