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Oct 14, 2011

Scanning for inactive VIPs and WideIP's for cleanup script

Hey all,



Im checking around to see if there is any way that I can run a script or command on the F5 to search for any inactive VIP's and WideIP's for the LTM and GTM that can be cleaned up. It would make life a lot easier to delete things we no are no longer in use. They're all passing health check, just want to make sure there are no requests going to it, or DNS queries going to it so we can delete them. Any thoughts, let me know. Thanks!


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    Using tmsh on 10.2.x, I looked for Virtual Servers with no current connections:



    tmsh show /ltm virtual all | grep -A2 'Ltm::\|Current Connections 0'



    I used a similar tmsh command for GTM Total request:



    tmsh show /gtm wideip all | grep -B8 -A3 ' Total 0'