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Jul 25, 2003


How do I create a rule to log specific URL requests with the session ID? Please show me an example.






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    Hi Lisa,



    Assuming that you're asking about how to write an iRule to look for a specific URL string in the data payload, and also assuming that the session ID you're referring to can be extracted from the HTTP header information or data, then you can write a simple rule as such:



    if (http_uri contains "") {


    log [facility.level] "Received uri: " + http_uri + " session id: " + http_header("SESSION_ID")





    where [facility.level] is an optional syslog facility and level such as

  It will default to




    If this is not what you're looking for, then please let us know exactly what you'd like to log, an example of an URL you're keying off, and what session ID you're referring to.