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Mar 31, 2023

rSeries Allow List

Any reason why you can only add single hosts or subnets for the rSeries Allow List? Seems a little crazy to me that you cannot add multiple host variables in the same command line. I have 87 hosts that I need to create for allowing SNMP 161. Maybe there is an API call that can support multiple hosts?


appliance-1(config)# system allowed-ips allowed-ip test config ipv4 address port 161


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  • Hi,

    Currently multiple IP addresses cannot be added in per "allowed-ip name". You can use different name to add more than one IP.

    system allowed-ips allowed-ip test1 config ipv4 address port 161
    system allowed-ips allowed-ip test2 config ipv4 address port 161


  • It's the same in 1.4.0.  Upgrading won't help.  It be nice if you could also select multiple ports for a specific IP.  Or heck, bring back the config on the iSeries.  It already did all of this.