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Jan 31, 2011

Rollback Bigip LTM version 10 to 9.3

I currently have 2 production BIGIP LTM's running in HA mode.


They both have version 9.3 on them. I have one BIGIP LTM in development that I loaded version 10 on.



I was going to upgrade the production units but we did not receive enough money in our fiscal year funding to renew the support.



I would like to have the development LTM as a backup in case something happens to the production units but version 10 and 9.3 cannot work together.



My question is can you load 9.3 after you have installed 10 without worrying about the licensing issues?



When I loaded v10 I had to re-partition and now I only see one image so I cannot just boot to the old version.



Any help would be appreciated.






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  • Hi Mike,



    You don't actually need an active support contract to upgrade units. Roughly speaking, you can upgrade to the version which was available at the time you last had support. You can get the list of versions/dates from SOL7727:





    So if you had support as of 2009-11-24, you could actually install any current release. You can reactivate the license from the GUI and see the service check date in the new bigip.license file.



    If you do want to downgrade from v10.x to 9.3, you could reinstall 9.3 from scratch. The license for 10.x should still work for 9.x.