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Sep 19, 2011

Remote connection to LB BIG-IP

Hi Everyone!



We have two load balancers (active and failover) installed on customers site. The hardware we have are local traffic managers, 1600 and add ons.




On customer's site we are directly connecting to the GUI of the load balancer with no problem, as admin and as root. However, we CAN connect to the GUI remotely (through a secure VPN) but we cannot login! No matter what username and password we use we dont get authenticated! :(




Does the load balancer accept connections to the UI only on certain interfaces? Any idea what could be causing this inconsistency??




Thank you!!!






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  • BIG-IP can be configured to accept administrative connections on any of its self IP. However, it may have been locked down. Check the settings on the self IP you are using to connect to the GUI, it should be set at "Allow All", "Allow Default" or "Allow Custom" with 443 defined. If you are connecting on the out-of-band mgmt interface, there is also ACL.
  • Hi Johns,



    Thank you for your reply. Where do I check these settings?






  • These are our settings:



    self allow {




    tcp ssh


    tcp domain


    tcp snmp


    tcp https


    tcp 4353


    udp domain


    udp snmp


    udp efs


    udp 1026


    udp 4353


    proto ospf





    We have no 443 defined, except for https...