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Apr 12, 2012

Redirecting User request to a maintenance page or another vs

Hi Everyone,


Alot you must have faced this requirement in your environment so I really need someone to help me out in this. I have a virtual server where I want to configure that in case if all of the pool members are down the users should get redirected to the maintenance page, if certain no. of pool members are down users should get redirected to the server busy page. Also if there is a possibility to redirect the user request to another virtual server in case if the no. of requests on a currently working virtual server exceeds by certain value.






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  • Hi Teechgeeg,


    There a different ways to approach this. However, one that I like is an iRule that F5's Hoolio contributed to the code share





    It can be modified to be redirected to a server busy page.



    I hope this helps