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May 18, 2023

Redirect https to 8040


I'm trying to publish new url, which is in port 8040, I want to publish it in 443, so the scenario as below.

when the user want to access the url, must be in 443, then, from DMZ F5 to the internal server should be in port 8040, is there any way to redirect https to 8040?


I found many articles but from http to https.

please advise.

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  • Mahjouboi If you are load balancing to your servers on 8040 it should be as simple as configuring your pool members with <IP>:8040 and the F5 will send that 443 client side traffic to port 8040 on the server side of the connection, no need for any redirects or anything like that.

  • This is a simple configuration. You can create a pool for 8040 and pool members will be Server IP:8040. A virtual server is configured on HTTPS with the client SSL profile (Domain certificate) and when assigning a pool, select the pool which you created for 8040.