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Sep 13, 2011

RAMcache and Etags

Hi all,


Does the RAMcache honor Etags?


With that I mean:


1. The RAMcache has a cached response with an Etag in it.


2. A client does a HTTP request towards that cached page.



Will the RAMcache do a validation (If-None-Match ) towards the web server, using the Etag thats in the previously cached response, and if it receives 304 Not modified then serve it from the cache.



Or it doesn't honor ETags and just serves it from the cache as long as it thinks it's fresh according to the max-age in the Cache-Control header.




Any help appreciated.




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  • Ed


    Did you get a response to this? As I'm trying to work out the same..


    Cheers Gavin


  • I don't have the exact answer but I can say that RAMCache will send a conditional request to the origin web servers (whether it's If-None_match or If-modified-since I'm not 100% sure), however even if it does do if-none-match, I wouldn't advise relying on Etag unless you have ETag synchronisation between your servers, otherwise you may get 200 responses when you should get 304.