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Feb 02, 2011

Question on Cookie Persistance

Hi Folks,


have some questions on cookie persistance and need clarification.



1) Default Persistance Profile


If am using an iRule with my virtual server, does the Default Persistance Profile take in effect ?


I dont have any cookie persistance set in iRule. Will the default persistance profile be applied ?



2) How can test and validate if the cookie is persistant.



For example, i have a profile called cookie_8hr which defines cookie persistance for 8 hours.


How do i validate if the cookie was actually persistent , no up to 8 hours but wanted to find what to check.



Appreciate you suggestion and tips







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  • 1. If you aren't setting persistence within your iRule, the default persistence will be applied. However, if your iRule is configured to send certain requests directly to a pool member/node, the persistence might be ignored.


    2. Since the cookie is stored on the client's machine, you'd want to check there to see whether it exists. If you want to validate that it's being honored, you'd either have to create an iRule to log requests, or simply test from a client machine and monitor the pool member to see where it's going.