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Apr 04, 2023

publish https server that working with http

Hello Dears

I am trying to publish web service working with two ports one of them is 3000 and the other is 8755 so the user would reach to domain for example :

then it would open session with these two ports 3000 and 8755 togher in the sametime


could anyone help me with that?

Best Regards

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  • If you want to publish 2 ports you probably need 2 virtual servers with the same IP but different ports.

    • hello dear and thnx for your fast reply , i already did that but it is still the same issue the page is appeared without data  let me give you more info about the page

      the page is display at port 3000 and get the data on port 8755 so the user would open connection with port 3000 but behaind the sensce it also would open connection with 8755 i had add the same ip in virtual server but with two ports one of them is https with SSL offloading and the second one also could you help me plz?

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        MustphaBassim Can you please provide the configuration of both virtual servers (VS) and the associated pools so we can look into this further. If you have both VS configured and they each work on their own then you most likely have a configuration issue with the website itself not referencing the connection properly. You can verify this by performing a tcpdump and listen for the client IP that you are testing from to see what happens to the connection when it arrives at the F5.

        tcpdump -nni 0.0:nnp host <client_IP>