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Sep 16, 2011

Proxy User Account - Backup Operators or Domain Admins?

I'm curious as to what permissions everyone has used for the Proxy users account. Most of the installs I've see they use Domain Admins permissions. Has anyone used Backup Operators persmissions and if yes did that limit or cause any issues?


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    Backup operator privileges grant unrestricted access to file system objects - e.g. files and directories, but not to manipulating share attributes (e.g. ABE, Security Descriptors) which requires administrative access on the file server. Consequently, ARX features such as Subshares and ABE require administrative access. In addition, proxy user must be sufficiently privileged on the file server for snapshot operations. For basic tiering/migration, backup operator privileges should suffice.



    Hope this helps.



    - Nehru
  • You can also use different proxy-user accounts for different purposes, for example the snapshot operation can be conducted by a seperate proxy-user account if you wish to create a seperation of duties.