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May 17, 2012

Proxy connections

I have a request from a Developer asking if the F5 can proxy connections. We have 1 VS with 2 members. The 2 pool members sit on different switches. I have all my servers (pool members) on the same switch as the F5 and the default gateway for all servers is the vlan self interface floating address of the F5. In this request the servers will be sitting on another subnet/switch, whilst the routing is ok. is there anyway to proxy the connection to the remote pool members and not use client NAT or even SNAT. I've removed NAT doesn't seem to work.



Is this possible?




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  • Not sure if I understand your ?, but here's a stab at it.




    The short answer is, the LTM is a "Full Proxy".. You can preserve the source address if the pool members are inline... ie if the gateway of the pool member(s) is the LTM.. Otherwise you will need to SNAT in order to route back to the LTM..
  • Hi Portoalegre, if the switch is in L2 mode and the servers on the another subnet/switch are using the vlan self interface floating address as the gateway, you are good without SNAT.


    Else, the configuration results in Asymmetric routing and will fail.