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Nov 24, 2016

Problem with HTTP::version

Hi all, I wondering why this does not working. The result from HTTP::version always be 0.9 or 1.0 or 1.1. If I use Fiddler and send HTTP 3.4 it still say 1.1 in my first log line. Using standard http profile.

I trying to do the LAB 6.1 in the irule 12.1 course.

Could this be a bug in HTTP::version? Running on LTM version 12.1.0.


when RULE_INIT {
  set sec_http_versions [list "0.9" "1.0" "1.1" ]
  log local0. "Request from [IP::client_addr] using HTTP/ [HTTP::version]"
  if { ! [matchclass [HTTP::version] equals $::sec_http_versions ] } {
    log local0. "Invalid HTTP version used, from [IP::client_addr] using


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  • Hi Svein,

    I can sucessfully repro the problem you're experiencing on TMOS v12.1.1 HF2. So you may open a support ticket to clarify the situation and/or make the F5 support aware of the problem. In the meantime you can use the syntax below to manually parse the HTTP version out of the [HTTP::request].


    set http_version [string range [lindex [getfield [HTTP::request] "\n" 1] 2] 5 end]


    Additional Note: The [matchclass] and $::your_datagroup syntax is deprecated since v10. I encourage you to migrate your code to become a [class] compliant syntax, to avoid performance degration, unexpected results and/or even TCL runtime errors. 

    Cheers, Kai