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Nov 10, 2010

Problem Downloading




I'm having problems downloading a file via Big-IP LTM.



I have created a virtual service HTTP, when i try to download a file directly from de servers there is no problem... but when i try to download it via Big-IP it doesn't work...



Any clues?


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  • were u able to start downloading?


    did it happen on every browser e.g. ie, ff?
  • Yep all the browsers have the same problem... It doesn't even starts to download...


  • web page is working fine, isn't it? only downloading has a problem, hasn't it?



    can u post your config here?
  • Everything is working fine...



    The only problem is downloading...



    I have a load balancing service http between 2 servers... with all the basic options... without irules or persistence...


  • i've no idea. anyway, if i were u, i would run tcpdump and compare packet between server-f5 and f5-client.



    the tcpdump command may look like this:


    tcpdump -nni 0.0:nnn -s0 -w /var/tmp/output.pcap \(host vip and port vport\) or \(\(host poolip1 or host poolip2\) and port poolport\)