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Nov 29, 2010

prelogon & sophos 9.5




i have a prelogon sequence check which looks for an AV engine and running processes



some clients with sophos 9.5 running vista can't get passed the sequence unless i disable AV checks even though the latest opswat patch is installed



i have this problem on both 6.1 & 7.0



the pre logon client info doesn't really show anything that i can understand but on watching an attempted logon i can see the browser stop before looking at the running processes



strangely some clients running sophos 9.5 can get logged on but i suspect this is because the pre-logon check is detecting windows defender



i was thinking about setting windows defender as the first AV but i can't find where it is in defined in the sdk list



i'd appreciate it if anyone could offer some advice or experience



thanks to anyone taking the time to read this or to reply



greatly appreciated
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