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Dec 01, 2016

Powershell - Get Current Connection for Nodes



I've been unable to find any posts with solutions to this problem. It's been asked a few times, but either the question is never answered, or at the very least nobody can provide a way to do this with the PS Snapin's F5 developed.


Question: How do you query for the Current Connections for a given Node?


The cmdlets Get- and Get- don't seem to provide this information.


Is there an object associated with 'Get-' cmdlet that will allow for this query? I can't seem to find any documentation for all the objects tied with this cmdlet. I think this might be the route to go, but am having a difficult time finding something for 'Current Connections'.


I need a Powershell solution for this, not Bash or Python.


Thank you for your help!


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  • If you are running 11.5 or greater (i.e. you can use iControlRest), then you could do something like this to get the info:

    Invoke-RestMethod -Method GET -Uri 'https://username:password@bigip/mgmt/tm/ltm/node/stats?$select=addr,curSessions'

    That will get you a list of the nodes with stats. You could also do this if you wanted all the stats for all the nodes:

    Invoke-RestMethod -Method GET -Uri 'https://username:password@bigip/mgmt/tm/ltm/node/stats'


    is an admin user on the bigip and
    is the hostname or ip of the device)

  • @michael is there any way to do "current connections" check via chef-cookbook. we are using stick sessions so we have to wait to drain connections and then we can start deployments. my chef-cookbook/ansible playbook capable to disable/enable pool members during deployment. but i wanted to make sure all connections drain away or become '0' before i stop my webapp. Thank you.