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Jul 08, 2012

Pool not called


Is there any other configuration i need to perform to get the following irule to trigger correctly:


if {[HTTP::uri] contains "/test/"} {

log -noname local0. "should go to pool"

pool https_pool



The log command is executing (so i know the if command is being triggered) and the request is being sent to the https_pool pool but no response comes back from the server. I know the pool member is correct as when i change it i get a compilation error.

I added the following and i can see that the correct pool has been selected and the pool is up and accessible:

  log local0. "Selected server: [LB::server]" 
when LB_FAILED {
  log local0. "Selected server: [LB::server]" 
ASM is being used but the page i want to access has no restrictions.

I want requests to /test/ to go to a different pool which will handle the users login and then set the cookie for the same domain.


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