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Nov 28, 2011

Persistence Issue

Hi All,



From the subject, I assumed it's a persistance issue, but let me brief my issue below in details.



I have two pools associated with one VS as following:



1- Pool1 (default pool)


2- Pool2 (called in one iRule)



I used the default persistance as Cookie_based persistance and the fallback based on src_addr



I have many iRules linked to this VS, with one of them redirecting to pool2 as following:





switch -glob [HTTP::path] {


"/xyz1*" -


"/xyz2*" -


"/xyz3*" {pool Pool2}







For the above iRule it's working fine, but when any request hit the above iRule, and then any subsequent requests coming from the same client, it still persist to Pool2, where it should go to Pool1, eventhough the redirection at F5 is working fine (other iRules) but the selcted servers/pool is incorrect. Note that, this is only happening on subsequent requests where the first request hit the above iRule.



Any thoughts to fix this issue, plz feel free to ask me any additional info.



Thanks in advance Gangs ,,





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