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Aug 19, 2011

perl error with icontrol

I'm just learning iControl so I'm grabbing published code and trying to reuse it for my own purposes.



I'm trying to parse LocalLB::PoolMember::get_monitor_association



So I hacked a similar query which works:



sub GetPoolStatus()




my $soapResponse = $Pool->get_object_status (


SOAP::Data->name(pool_names => [&GetVSPoolList()]) );


my @pool_statuses = @{$soapResponse->result};


return @pool_statuses;





To yield:



sub getPoolMemberMonitors()




my $soapResponse = $PoolMember->get_monitor_association (


SOAP::Data->name(pool_names => [&GetVSPoolList()]) );


my @poolmember_statuses = @{$soapResponse->result};


return @poolmember_statuses;





When I call this object with:



@pool_monitorsAofA = getPoolMemberMonitors();



All this XML flows out onto the screen. No other call does this. If I comment out @pool_monitorsAofA, the problem goes away.



Any ideas what the problem could be?