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Jan 26, 2024

NEXT CM - multiple GTM pool updates simultaneously

Using REST today on version 15 against the F5 GTM (DNS), it appears there's no support for updating multiple GTM pools in a single REST call. We're increasingly being asked to drive down the time it takes to facilitate an application's failover time from one datacenter to another. In some cases, I need to somehow disable a pool member from 100+ GTM pools in under a minute and REST can't keep up.

In the NEXT model, I'm guessing we'll have to re-declare the whole GTM config to disable a pool member. Can you think of a way of meeting this type of timing need in NEXT CM?

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  • Why not create custom data centers for the application set? Then just failover / mark offline the data center. You will then automatically failover all pools.

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      That's a great idea. We'll give that shot. Thanks!

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        The only other quick way but potentially dangerous way to accomplish this would be parsing and amending the bigip_gtm.conf file and doing a load into memory. You can amend all of the pool members for the GTM pools in there. Definitely test this on a lab VE with a copy of your production GTM config.