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Feb 17, 2012

Multiple Persistence Profiles




I have a general question. From the F5 LTM GUI I am not able to assign multiple persistence profiles to a virtual server. I can assign it a default persistence profile and a backup profile. However, from the iControl APIs I can indeed assign multiple persistence profiles to a virtual server such as cookie perisistence and source address persistence. When I look at the virtual server from the GUI it lists the word "multiple" on the default persistence window and "none" for the backup profile.






1. How does the F5 handle multiple persistence profiles?


2. Are they stacked in the order they were received such that if one cannot be used it tries the next one?


3. How do I tell what profile is being used?







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  • Hi Mark,



    I'd guess that's a bug in iControl. I'm not sure what would happen with that config, but it doesn't seem like it should be possible to do. Can you open a case with F5 Support to confirm this? If you do, can you reply with the case number so we can follow it?



    Thanks, Aaron
  • Hello Aaron,


    I have sent an email to Jeff Strathatos at F5 to open the support case.