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Sep 23, 2023

Monitoring the statistics of LTM policy rules


I'm trying to monitoring the LTM policy rule invokation via SNMP but I failed.

I have looked into and I have found the OID named  ltmFwPolicyRuleStat   but I failed to find the LTM Policies of my F5 BIG IP device in the output of snmpwalk command.

The only values found are from admin web "Policies > Statistics". These are the ones I'm interested in.

The context is:

A Virtual Server is configured as an HTTPS SNI multidomain using a LTM policy:

[rule1]  for domain   forward to pool_xxxx-com

[rule2] for domain   forward to pool_yyyy-com

and so on...

The problem is the VS statistics show the overall conection number and I'd need the one for each domain/rule.


Perhaps the  ltmFwPolicyRuleStat OID is wrong?

If these values cannot be got from SNMP, I would step forward and try a script to parse the output of tmsh command.

What do you think?


Best regards

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  • JDamian The F5 will not track that statistic and you will have to create an iRule that creats a log entry each time each domain is hit and then on your end you would have to go through the logs and count how many entries exist. If you are sending the F5 logs to a logging server then you should be able to use a query on the log server to count this statistic over a specific timeframe.