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Aug 09, 2023

Monitoring GTM / DNS Pools for consistency across multiple LTMs

Hi community.

I have been trying to work out the best way to check my Wide-IP configuration is consistent across multiple LTMs.

I have a WIP, that contains a pool, that contains 2 LTM VIPs in 2 DCs - how can I be sure that services in the LTM VIPs are consistent? 

For example, LTM-1 in DC-1 has a VIP containing a pool of 2 servers listening on https.  

LTM-2 in DC-2 has the same pool of 2 servers listening on https – all good so far.  

Engineer adds new server to DC-1 LTM-1 pool but doesn’t add the same server to DC-2 LTM-2.  

I now have inconsistent  services across the 2 DCs.

Has anyone scripted anything to check each WIP/pool for LTM VIPs then checked each of the configured LTM VIPs for pools/services and report on differences? 

Thanks in advance.

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  • mlwebster I am not aware of a way to force the GTM to check consistency amongs VSs on the LTMs. This might have to be one of those situations where you have a runbook that specifies when messing with X make sure you do the exact same change on Y. If you had a BIG-IQ it would make it slightly easier to validate but still would be manual. You might consider automation to add in new pool members to both destination LTMs in question.

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      Paulius thanks for the feedback.   I do have a BIG-IQ but take your point that it is still a manual process.

      I'm happier with new VSs on LTM as they are largely automated, its more tweaks and changes to existing VSs where my concern comes from - we all forget to check things every now and again.

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  • Working on a script to check GTM/LTM & spit out any differences

    I'll report progress over coming days