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Jan 17, 2011

Meet the Dell F5 Team - UPDATED!

UPDATED 2/14/11 - our team is growing!!






You'll see many of us around here - adding content, getting involved in discussions, etc. - and may wonder who we are. Here's a quick snapshot of who makes up our team and what we do for the Dell/F5 partnership.



Our team is led by Scott Siragusa (), who is the Worldwide Director for the Dell Strategic Aliance.



Many of us have job responsibilities that mirror Dell's sales segments:


Darin Spradley () & Wendy Schroeder () handle Dell's Public segment, including State/Local Gov't, Healthcare, K-12 and Higher Education for all of North America.


Han Chong () takes care of Dell' Federal Government customers in the US.


Dustin Soward () is responsible for Dell's Global 500 segment, as well as Dell's Services organization.


James Cagle () looks after Dell's Small/Medium Business customers in the US.


As for myself, Rob Miller () -- I work with Dell's Large Enterprise divison for North America (LEA).



We also have a team of specialists that we couldn't do without:


Fred Johnson () is our Strategic Partner Engineer and is dedicated solely to working on joint solutions with Dell.


Melanie Chirstiansen () is our Business Development Manager, also dedicated to the Dell alliance.


John Zygar () heads up our Sales Development and Operations.


Alex Gramps () handles support renewal requests that come through Dell, as well as assisting Han with the Federal business.


Lilly Kittredge () works with our Distribution/Operations folks and keeps us all straight!


Joe Wisniewski () is our resident ARX/Virtual File Storgage genius.


Kathleen McMullen () and Jim Hamrick () are our Dell Product Managers for Public and Commercial lines of business, respectively.



Please feel free to reach out to any/all of us should the need arise, but please be sure to also copy the email address. This alias hits practically everyone mentioned above and will make sure we can respond to your request as soon as possible.



It should be mentioned that the team above handles North America only. If you're elsewhere on the globe, we still have you covered:


Meindert Vonk () is located in The Netherlands and handles Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA).


Melvin Foo () is responsible for Asia/Pacific/Japan and is based in Singapore.


Gauthier Perrin () is based out of Australia and assists with Dell's APJ business.


Brendon Thwaites () is based in Sydney and covers AustraliaandNew Zealand.


Tammy McMahon () handles our Latin America business and is based at F5 HQ in Seattle.



As you can see, F5 has a small army to help Dell and its customers find the best IT solutions in the world. Let us know how we can help you succeed!


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