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Feb 14, 2024

Manage Big-IQ

If you manage Big IP to Big IQ, what resources does it use up? and TMM or Control plane?

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  • Hi Margvin,


    Big-IP will dedicate odd CPUs to process all the metrics and send them to Big-IQ, by another way, Big-IQ has two types of deployment:

    1. discovery devices by a dedicated Self-IP network, in this case, it avoids the control plane.
    2. discovery devices by mgmt IP network, the control plane is used in this case to receive configuration from Big-IQ.

    Note: remember to provision AVR to send all statistics metrics to Big-IQ.



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      hello sebastian

      Thank you for your response, regarding the integration of statistics on BIG IQ, will the CPU and RAM resources on BIGIP be used too?


      Thank you

      • Hi Margvin,

        Yes, BIGIP will dedicate resources to process the statistics, but more CPU than RAM, the RAM is dedicated with the necessary resources when you provision AVR for example, but in the case of the CPU the device will dedicate the odd CPU to process the metrics.

        Hope it works.