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Jan 18, 2012

LTM Nonterminating HTTPS VIP Not Working

Experiencing intermitten non rendering https VIP issues. We have created multiple nonterminating https VIPs that intermittenly render https requests. The browser will spin until it returns a destination unreachable. While this is happening each server is up in the pool and successful renders https requests to a browser.



Troubleshooting the issue we replaced the primary F5 with a new unit and the the issue stopped happening. In testing failover this week we made the standby unit active and everything worked fine but when we returned the primary to active it could not render https request. After a reboot the primary still would not render the HTTPS VIPs. Then we forced the standby to active and the VIPs rendered successfully. We then forced the primary to active and the VIPs render successfully again.



F5 Details:


F5 LTM 6900


BIGIP 10.2.1 Build 297.0 Final






pool air_app {


monitor all tcp


members { {} {}







virtual air_app {


snat automap


pool air_app


destination 123.41.20:https


ip protocol tcp


persist source_addr








Any and all help is appreciated,







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  • Hi Clinton,



    That's an odd one. Could it be some kind of ARP issue? Are you able to run a tcpdump while the failure is occurring looking for traffic to/from the VIP and pool members? If so, what do you see?



    Also, if you're not decrypting the SSL, you could change from a standard VS to a Performance L4 VS with a FastL4 profile to improve performance.



  • Aaron,


    Thanks for the lead. Got to looking at the network setup and the network uplinks of several port channels were not going to the correct switch interfaces. Problem should be fixed.





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    You're not running LACP active on the port-channels? Very important...