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Jan 14, 2012

Load Balancing to Casches

i need to implement the below 2 functions with LTM to load balance to Cache servers :


Election Hashing , Top Domain Selection

will all of that be done using IRules ? will it be one Irule or three ? Can you help me with examples




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  • are you using v10? if so, just wonder why you do not just use built-in carp.



    sol11362: Overview of the CARP hash algorithm

  • Thanks , does this achive Top Domain selection ?



    also it mentions the Irule :


    when HTTP_REQUEST {


    persist hash [HTTP::uri]





    This persists based on the URI , my target is to persist based on the site ( all tarffic of youtube to go to same cache ........ ) , what is the IRule for that ?


  • i guess you mean to load balance by using part of FQDN. if so, yes it is possible. you can specify any part of FQDN when doing CARP i.e. replace [HTTP::host] with whatever you want.