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Sep 04, 2021

List of supported HSMs

Is there a list of supported HSMs for F5 devices? I've seen the "standard" ones ( like Thales Luna) but what about USB based ones likes YubiHSM or Nitrokey HSM 2 or Yubikey HSM 2 or other network based like Nitrokey NetHSM ?

Will those work in general?

From this presentation on page 21 it seems at least there is a chance.

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  • Hello Netflow.

    F5 BIG-IP supports the following Network HSM vendors:

    • Amazon CloudHSM
    • Equinix SmartKey HSM
    • SafeNet Data Protection on Demand (DPoD) HSM
    • Atos (Bull Trustway Proteccio) HSM

    REF -

    Beside this, it also supports:

    • Safenet Luna
    • Ncipher HSM (old Thales)

    REF -

    REF -