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Jun 28, 2017

Limiting external access to APM to company devices

Hello All,   I have been tasked with restricting external access to our APM. Management is wanting only company owned devices to be able to access the webtop. These devices will be laptops and i...
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    Jul 06, 2017

    I was able to get this to work and just wanted to post my final settings so it could potentially help someone else. Thanks to Jie and Stanislas for the replies.


    The final configuration ended up being creating two SSL profiles, one for public cert, one for private self signed. To work with iOS devices, the self signed cert MUST be signed from the Root CA, it cannot be an intermediate signed cert. These two profile MUST have identical settings, including Trusted Certificate Authorites, which I set to my Self Signed Root CA on both. I set both to "ignore" on my Client Certificate setting. Both SSL profiles were then assigned to the VIP that my APM was assigned to.


    On the APM, where I have "Verify Company Device" above, I put added a General box to create a branch for iphones/ipads that was separate from all other devices. I used this: expr { [mcget {session.user.agent}] contains "iPhone" || [mcget {session.user.agent}] contains "iPad"} On-Demand Cert Auth was added for both branches after the general branches. On the iOS side, it was set to Require, on the other side, it was set to request. i'm not sure if this is really necessary, but it worked and I went with it and kept it. Behind that, it's just business as usual with the APM... assign webtop and resources.


    Once the self signed cert was installed on devices accessing, things worked as expected. It definitely seemed to work better on Android vs iOS, but even with that, it's only 1 additional click on iOS to provide two factor auth.


    Hopefully this info helps the next person. I was able to find bits of the solution across multiple posts and just wanted to aggregate a high level overview of what worked for me under this.