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Feb 27, 2024

Kerberos SSO

Hi ,


we have AD Auth and SSO in Kerberos


Q1:Authentication in one method and SSO in another method (is that normal to have ).

I initially thought that if we are using kerberso auth we must use kerberos SSO.Is there ay compatability matrix?


Q2.we usually fetch username and password from credential mapping and pass it to credential source in SSO config.

But in this case we are fetching username and password but in Kerberos SSO i dont see the password i see only username

example session.logon.last.username = user1 and seesion.logon.last.password=pass1 its assignes to credential source as ssession.sso.token.last.username =user 1 right ? so how does password work here in SSO


Q3 .in another scenario i see Authentication is used as kerberos but in VPE they where using Logon page and not http respond 401. i thought its mandatory to use Https respond 401 in VPE whever we use kerberos or saml

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