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Mar 09, 2016

is there a way to download / export the actual Key / RSA Certificate files from BIG-IP, using the iControl REST?

Hi all,


I know there is a way to upload and import key/cert to F5 either fromFile or fromUrl.


I also know that there is a way to download files from /mgmt/tm/asm/file-transfer/downloads/fooFile.txt using iControl REST.


Is there a way to download/export the actual Key / Certificate files from BIG-IP, using the iControl REST service?


if not directly, is there any way to export Key/Cert under F5_IP:/ts/var/rest/ download those files using the download REST call?


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  • I do not believe there is any way to download systems files via REST API. I would recommend using SFTP/SCP. They live in


  • The SOAP iControl API has this functionality, but obviously it will add complexity to your application.



    I had thought about using a deployment script to place the file in the web server's directory at some path, make the call on the REST API, and then delete the file afterward, possibly throwing in a htaccess file to restrict access to the F5's source IP. I'll see about working on a proof of concept for that.


  • Is there any news on this item. I need the same functionality. I want to download the key with the REST API to install the key on an other loadbalancer.


    I see I can download the key with the F5 IControl GUI but I need this function programmatically.


  • Demystifying iControl REST Part 5: Transferring Files describes the method to download a file from BIG-IP.

    Because the API only allows you to download files under

    , you need to make a copy of the target file there. Unfortunately,
    tmsh run sys util
    ) does not have a copy function (it does have
    though), you need to use
    to run the Unix
    command before calling the download request.

    I personally recommend the scp/sftp method Brad Parker mentioned. You do not need to worry about tidying the shared directory.

  • I have managed it. I use sftp with the following url's

    to download the keys and certificates. I use this in a .NET c application.

    The only trick is to find the right file because of the postfix with a random number. You don't know this number after generation of the Key


    anyway thanks for your help