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Feb 14, 2012

Irule v9 --> v11




On BigIP V9 I have an Irule



An extract :





set DefaultValue "::DefaultValue[virtual name]"



if { [class exists $DefaultValue]} {


set myRedirectRow [findclass "ForbiddenUrl" [set $DefaultValue] " "]


if { $myRedirectRow ne "" } {


set myRedirectMethod [getfield $myRedirectRow " " 1]







But with V11, I think that i have a problem with the syntax :



set DefaultValue "::DefaultValue[virtual name]"



Because [virtual name] return /Common/


On V9 [virtual name] returne only



Do you have an idea ?





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  • Hi vallesm77,



    Check this related thread for some options to parse the virtual name from the path:




    You might also consider updating your iRule to use the full virtual name as the data group should have a folder as well.



    Also, if you're running on a CMP capable platform you should try to avoid using global variables like "$::defaultValue". You can set $static::defaultValue in RULE_INIT instead: