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Oct 07, 2008

Intelligent Browser Referencing question

What does it take for IBR to kick in? I am setting up a new WA and testing one of our main sites. I am browsing the site with multiple browsers recording in the sessions. I am making sure to hit the same pages and clearing my cache often to force new requests. I have the Level 2 template and enabled IBR with images. Some of the objects on the site have IBR working on them but most of my images have not. I have checked the PV-INFO header and the right node is getting applied.

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    IBR is not applied if images are loaded by JS or CSS nor if URL contains parameters. What is MIME-Type for images without IBR ?



  • image/jpg, but I guess the key for me is the query parameters. These images are coming off an image server, that renders the images based off the query parameters.
  • I have one question about the URL parameters restriction. I am seeing some items (not my image server items) that are going under IBR that have query parameters - for example -





    This is from our content management system (similar to SharePoint).



    Why would this URL go under IBR?