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May 16, 2012

Integrating APM SSO with an existing webapp login form.

I need to initiate a SSO session on the F5 by logging onto an existing websphere application that posts j_username and j_password to the standard j_security_check servlet. The existing app is the current intranet login form and I have followed these instructions to capture at least the username and password (with a little augmentation)



The problem is that Im now trying to use that user/pass to get into another (JBOSS) webapp that uses basic auth and not trying to resource assign. additionally when I capture the username and password I cannot get it inserted into the access session as it has already been created when I access the login form rather than when I post to j_security_check. Any suggestions on how to proceed?


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  • I use this in an iRule to force an HTTP Authorization header to be sent to the backend server

        set user [ACCESS::session data get "session.sso.token.last.username"]
        set password [ACCESS::session data get "session.sso.custom.last.password"]
        set authorization [b64encode $user:$password]
        set headerLine "Basic $authorization"
        HTTP::header insert "Authorization" $headerLine