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Feb 07, 2011

Integrate BIG-IP with registry




We are having clients which sends requests (https://host:port/ServiceName combination ) to load balancer which has list of clustered weblogic instances defined in its pool. The load balancer take care of handling requests and forwards the request to which ever instance is available. We would like to change the scenario where client request comes into a single URL https://Commonhost:common port/ServiceName because if we move the webservice to another host or domains, the client needs to change the URL as well. Instead we would like to have a single URL for the client and the load balancer will send the request to another application possible a oracle service registry. I would like to know if it is even possible to integrate a load balancer with registry and the registry will look up and sends the location of the service to load balancer which then forwards the request to that particular pool.



Is there a way to integrate BIG-IP with a registry?. or Is it even possible?..





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  • We've been working on a proof of concept which maps hostnames to pool names via DNS using RESOLV::lookup. Deb has also posted an example a while back which uses HTTP::retry to do an HTTP lookup to an external service:



    Conditioning iRule Logic on External Information - 01 - HTTP::retry




    Do either of these approaches sound like they'd work for you?